Have you been injured in a read end collision anywhere in South Carolina such as Bamberg, Beaufort, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Rock Hill or Spartanburg? Are you facing emotional, financial and medical complications due to the accident? Was the accident caused by someone else’s recklessness? If so, you need the help of an experienced South Carolina auto accident attorney.

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Rear End Collision Facts

Read end accidents almost always result in soft tissue injury, back and disc injuries as well as whiplash. Under South Carolina personal injury law the driver who struck the car in front is almost always liable for the accident. Even if the car in front stopped very quickly or a car pulled in front, the trailing driver is always liable because they have a duty to leave enough room so that no matter what the driver in front does there is still room to stop. You should always have photos of the cars and the scene of the accident. If possible use your smartphone to take as many pics as possible at the accident scene (do not force yourself to take pics if your injuries are too severe).

Sometimes, a rear end car crash will not immediately result in a debilitating, catastrophic or life threatening injury as head-on collisions frequently do. The injuries may manifest later, several days after the accident occurs. This is due to the fact that rear end collisions frequently occur at lower speeds than head on collisions or being sideswiped at an intersection. However, even at a lesser speed a rear end crash can cause very serious and very severe injuries in the future. Injuries sustained in a rear end auto accident should not be ignored as they may hinder your ability to work, live & perform life activities on a daily basis. This is where the skill and expertise of an experienced Columbia South Carolina car accident lawyer may be very beneficial in helping to get you the maximum amount of compensation and benefits you are entitled to.

Injuries Commonly Seen In Rear End Accidents 

Various types of injuries can be sustained in an automobile accident. The severity as well as type of injury is directly related to the type and angle of accident. Other factors such as speed at impact also have to do with severity of the injuries. Some of these injuries include head, brain & neck injuries. Spinal Cord injuries, which include disc herniation, are also common in rear end accidents. Soft tissue injuries such as contusions, discoloration & bruising of the skin are often the end result of a rear end car crash. These types injuries, while typically minor may cause the victim extreme discomfort. Joint, ligament & connective tissue injuries are also common as a result of a rear end collision. Examples would be tearing of the ACL in the knee or rotator cuff in the shoulder. In addition, musculoskeletal injuries such as whiplash, sprains and strains are very common in auto accidents regardless of the type of accident or speed at which accident occurred.

Common Situations Resulting In Rear End Collisions

Being stopped at a red light, stop sign or toll booth

Unexpected slowing or stopping on a highway or interstate

Stopping or slowing in a construction zone

Improperly pulling onto road shoulder

Many times in South Carolina auto accidents serious traffic violations are committed. This is true in rear end collisions. Police investigating rear end accidents commonly cite drivers for traffic infractions including: careless driving, reckless driving, failure to give full time and attention to the operation of a motor vehicle, driving at an excessive speed given traffic and road conditions, driving under the influence, failure to remain stopped at a stop sign and failure to maintain sufficient distance.

Do Not Talk To The Insurance Companies Yourself

One of the most painstaking aspects of being injured in a car accident is the back and forth with the insurance carriers. Injury victims often forget that the insurance companies do not have their best interest in mind. It is best to retain an auto accident injury lawyer handling claims in the Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, Rock Hill and Spartanburg, South Carolina areas. Let them negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf for your injuries, medical expenses, pain, suffering and lost wages. if that cannot happen for whatever reason our injury attorneys are more than willing to take your case to trial of necessary.

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